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"Our village's identity is intrinsically linked to agronomy." - Nadine Gohard, Mayor of Thiverval-Grignon

06 March 2024 Press releases
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The commune of Thiverval-Grignon, through its Mayor Nadine Gohard, has issued a press release to reaffirm its current priority: to find a consensual and honorable solution to the future of the Grignon estate, while preserving its agronomic identity:

"During the week of February 26, I informed you of the French government's decision to designate our commune, along with the Domaine de Grignon, as a reception center for families and single women who are statutory refugees from Mayotte and African countries.

As regardsthe form of this accommodation, as stipulated in thepreviousnewsletter, it is entrusted to Emmaüs.

Madame la sous-préfète has just given me the latest information on this reception, which I'm sharing with you today.110 people (out of 191) are leaving the site today, March 1 .They are leaving for the Lyon, Besançon and Angersregions .The remaining 81 people will leave next week and will be transported to the provinces
and the PACA region.

Madame Sous-Préfète also congratulates the Emmaüs teams on the smooth running of the reception, and I fully endorse her comments.

Once again, those who were crying foul have had it.
However, this event brings us back more than ever to the future of the Domaine de Grignon, which remains my top priority.
I reaffirm today that the urgent need is to find a consensual and honourable solution for the future of the Domaine de Grignon.
This site, with its exceptional potential, is not intended for emergency use.
Its future must live up to its prestigious history, which dates back almost two centuries.
The identity of our village is intrinsically linked to agronomy.

OnDecember 6, 2023, the municipal council adopted a motion outlining the commune's expectations for a project in the general interest.
It's time for the State to give us a clear answer on the future of the Grignon estate."

As indicated in our press release published on Monday, we can only endorse this statement. Action is urgently needed!