The project

To build a coherent business model to maintain the estate unified


The estate will be administrated by a unique management society, which will take the form of a SCIC (French for Société Coopérative d'Intérêt Collectif - Cooperative Society of Collective Interest, a public/private associated company). This models has several colleges (public, private...) ensuring the representativity of every stakeholder. It guarantees the cohesion of the estate and the preservation of a general interest driven vision.

The campus programming relies on its numerous assets, patiently carved through the centuries. We gathered the buildings in four business units (BU), ruled by the SCIC, each with its own economical logic.

  • The Hotel & Seminars BU, which will host congresses and various events (in particular as part of the mediation), but also the tourists and visitors who whish to enjoy the campus on weekends
  • The Laboratories BU, which will host agriculture and food related companies
  • The Center BU, which will host every intellectual activity contributing to the food and agriculture system transition (general public walk, startups accelerator, continuing education...)
  • The Residences BU, which will allow the people living and working on the estate or on its surroundings to live here (students, farm workers...)

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