Our objective:

To put at the user's disposal a technological hall and some test areas, as well as offices, and mobilise a whole set of scientific, technic, human sciences expertise and some advices from our partners and their networks, to help startup managements.

We'll push forward the collaborative approaches (from the farmer to the consumer, including transformers and distributors...) and the participative sciences procedures.

Our targets:

The startups willing to contribute to the food and agroecological transitions.

Apart from the natural areas and the collaboration with the experimental farm, the flagship building of this activity is the technological hall set in the CBAI. Once renovated and up to standards, many companies and startups confirmed us the interest in having access to facilities with agri-food standards.

Our ambition is to welcome there a dozen of startups who'll pay a moderate rent for office spaces and the possibility to use the machines. There is indeed a strong need among the agricultural resources first transormation industry when it comes to feed some towns with short supply chains.

We want to coordinate ourselves with AgroParisTech to optimise the coming of these companies.

Photo: © Francis Tack

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